We lift him up and take him into a building and head to the recovery room. Then put him down on a bed. We should let him rest. I said.

You go talk to Aphmau. She needs you right now. Your one of her best friends and I will never be a person she goes to for help. But your one of her first stops. One of them? Well, ya. She goes to scales wind, then new telly, then she comes here. Well, I guess your right. I am a good friend of hers. exactly! That is why I want you to talk to her. I think she is starting an alliance and you seem to be a powerful person in more then one way. Ya. I am a lord and I am a witch. A good one of course. Ya.

Now I think you should go talk to Aphmau. Right. I will be back. But first I wanted to say that I have someone else being lord for me. Why? So I could join the alliance. Grate! That’s one more town and person joining us in are alliance. I am sure Aphmau will be very happy. I hope she is I’m going to go now. See ya! Ya. Bye.

When she returns she has a big smile on her face. She said that you could join? Yes, but that is not why I am so happy. Then why are you so happy? I am happy because you have not met Katlyn yet. What is so amazing about me meeting her yet? Well, you have to be the nicest person in the world to be her friend.

I am not looking for friends. I am looking for allies. Then I suggest you go to finix drop and meet Katlyn. Ok. I’ll look into that. Come on, it looks like Aphmau wants to go. We should go with her. Right. Coming.