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October 2015

Dice game

Zane’s story

Hi! I’m Zane and this is the story of how I became… wait a minute! I don’t want to spoil it! Well I can tell you that this is a story I will never forget. One day I was walking… Continue Reading →

Zane’s Story continued

Until I caught  a glimpse of it. It was a ice dragon! WHAT THE?!! First powers now dragons?! The dragon opened its mouth and blew ice on me. It got my arm but I moved just before it could freeze… Continue Reading →

Zane’s Story Part 3

What the?!! There was a ginormous mountain in front of me. I thought I was in a temple. BUT THERE IS A GINORMOUS MOUNTAIN IN FRONT OF ME!! Well I guess I have to clime it. I started to clime the… Continue Reading →

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