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screen recorder

Hi! Today I am going to talk about the soft ware I use for recording. As you can tell by the tittle it is srecorder/screen recorder. What this soft ware does is record your computer screen. This allows you to… Continue Reading →

Chicken eggs

As people in my class know, I live on a farm. So, I have chickens. Today I am doing blog post about how small store bought eggs are, compared to farm eggs. First I will show you the size difference… Continue Reading →

Salva Dut

website Salva Dut is the person who inspired the water South Sudan Inc, to help dig wells for towns that had no water. He is also the founder and the president of water South Sudan Inc. They dig wells only… Continue Reading →

Aphmau fan video

This is a video about what Aphmau has been threw and about the ones who fell in her role play Minecraft diaries. It took a lot of effort to make this so I hope you like it. But if you… Continue Reading →

Zane’s Story Chapter 2 part 2

We head to the entrance of the village ware Aphmau is waiting. “Hey Aphmau.” “Hey guys. How is Laurence doing?” “He’s doing ok but he will have to stay here for a while.” Said Lucinda. “I can stay here with… Continue Reading →

Zane’s Story Chapter 2

We lift him up and take him into a building and head to the recovery room. Then put him down on a bed. We should let him rest. I said. You go talk to Aphmau. She needs you right now. Your one… Continue Reading →

Zombie apocalypse asignment

Ok. You are stuck in a big town and it is invaded by zombies. What should you do? Well, this is what I think you should do. First gather up what you need from your house. What do I grab?… Continue Reading →

Stompin Tom Connors

Some people think that Stompin Tom Connors is just another country singer but there are some things you do not know about him. Here are some things that most people don’t know about Stompin Tom. Stompin Tom Conner’s wrote his… Continue Reading →

Open World Learning Update

Week one: I have chosen to get my horses into my open learning project. So, I made my big goal to get more comfortable being around my horses. Now I am learning more and more about horses and how to… Continue Reading →

Open World Learning

Open world is a project that Mr. E made as an optional thing. For open world you pick something you want to work on. Then You fill out a sheet. On the top of the sheet is ware you put your… Continue Reading →

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